What is a ketubah?

A ketubah is a work of art that expresses the meaning and emotion of your wedding vows.

A ketubah made from a camellia flower in bloom

"Jason is Jewish and I am Christian, so we mixed a few elements of both religions in the ceremony and this was brilliant. We love having our Ketubah as it is a beautiful reminder of our wonderful day." — Sarah & Jason, Cape Town

Yes! I make ketubahs for all couples and weddings.

While the ketubah has its roots in Jewish wedding tradition, its beauty is now embraced by couples from all different religions and cultures. I have created ketubahs for all kinds of couples (Jewish, Interfaith, Christian, multicultural, same-sex, and non-religious) and ceremonies (weddings, commitment ceremonies, anniversaries and vow renewals). Can you have a ketubah too? Absolutely!

Designed to be flexible

I designed my ketubahs specifically to be flexible and adaptable to all kinds of ceremonies. Instead of using religious symbols for the art, I use my own fine art photography of nature. I wrote most of the texts myself, using modern and inclusive language.

By simply selecting the texts and options you want, you can create a ketubah that perfectly fits you and your ceremony.

The interfaith ketubah

My wife and I are interfaith, and the whole reason I started Modern Ketubah was to provide interfaith couples with ketubahs designed for them. Learn how to make an interfaith ketubah, and how to make it part of your ceremony. read more

The ketubah for same-sex weddings

For gay and lesbian couples, the ketubah has become a proud and public celebration of their love and commitment. read more

The ketubah for non-Jewish or Christian weddings

The ketubah is a such a meaningful symbol of marriage that more and more non-Jewish couples are adopting the tradition for their own wedding. read more

A ketubah all your guests can sign

Most ketubahs are just signed by the couple, the officiant, and witnesses. But some couples and traditions want everyone at the wedding to sign. Here's how

Celebrate your anniversary with a ketubah

Even if you've been married a while, you can have a ketubah. I make anniversary ketubahs for couples celebrating major milestones in their marriage. read more

Let me help you

While this all may sound complex, I've been doing this a long time and will helpmake getting your ketubah easy. If you want to know how a ketubah could work with your unique wedding ceremony: please just ask